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PERSONAL WATER CRAFT - Single personal water craft  
See other products for additional PWC lift
4800 lbs
- Fishing, Pontoons, & Small Ski Boats
6800 lbs - Large Pontoons & Ski Boats  
8000 lbs - Performance Boats & Cuddys  
10,000 lbs - Performance, Cuddys, & Small Cruisers  
12,000 lbs 6 arm  
14,000 lbs  
16,000 lbs - Cruisers, Smaller Yachts, & Large Performance Boats  
20,000 lbs - Cruisers, Mid-size Yachts, & Larger Performance  
4,000 lbs low water - Fishing, Jon Boats, & Small Pontoons  
6,000 lbs low water - Bass Boats, Pontoons, Ski, & Runabouts  
8,000 lbs low water  
12,000 lbs low water  
SAILBOATS - please call for specifications and requirements  


To find the Right size LIFT for your boat:

Get the    DRY WEIGHT of your boat,

Click here for estimated dry weight : NADA Guides

Then ADD  the other known weights such as  FUEL and FRESH WATER, WASTE WATER and GREY WATER TANKS etc.

(multiply the total Gallons X 8 Lbs. to get the estimated weight)

Then ADD 2,000 lbs.   to cover    EXTRA GEAR,  BATTERIES, and other Misc. items that may be on board. This "buffer" weight will also help cover Rough Water conditions (from weather or traffic) and allow your lift to raise high enough to  get your LOWER UNIT up out of the water  and have virtually ALL of the steel on the lift, (  with a FiberSteel Boat Lift   ) above the waterline also. This will help keep it Clean and greatly lengthen the life of the lift.

When you add these weights together and get your total , make sure your lift can handle this weight.

You will get GREAT service out of your Boatlift and you will not be sorry !


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